DARK emotions that scare us


You can feel sad or hurt. But what if you feel dark, the darker emotions. The emotions that come to the surface when you are depressed or down, thats where pain becomes dark.

These kind of emotions make you not get out of bed, make it harder to look after your kids, go to work, school. Participate in any social events. It drives you into a corner where you literally feel no way out. Its a feeling that sits in you stomach like a rock, makes you not want to be in this moment. It will make questions pop-up like, ‘why me’, ‘im useless’, im not worthy’, ‘nobody loves me’, ‘im a bad mom’, ‘im a lousy partner’ etc. The danger of feeling these deep dark emotions are these questions popping up. These questions will drive you in that corner you feel you can’t get out of.

So how can you start changing this pattern.

Its a journey I can tell you that. If someone told me 3 years ago that this was possible I would have laughed at their face. That would’ve sounded like total bs to me. How in the world would it ever be possible to feel different, ‘normal’, happy??

You have to start talking to yourself in a different way, out loud, in your mind, in the mirror. Because hey, you are so damn worthy!! Lets start with one sentence a day. We do baby steps okay? No matter what you tell yourself each day, I love me. Put it on a post-it next to your bed, hang it on your bathroom mirror, set an alarm in your phone. The first thing you do each morning is say these 3 words, I LOVE ME. I know you don’t feel it, I know these words feel empty. But together we will make these words count. I want you to repeat these 3 words for 5 times, and the last time really say it out loud, maybe scream if you have the guts.

To make it a bit easier for you, download my 5 mindset tips&tricks for free.

Let me know in a week, how these words feel.



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