Negativity can bring clarity

Its so easy to let somebody pull you out of your positive energy. It just happened to me today, and I am so, so grateful to have a tribe of amazing women supporting me. They always give me the right insights, just what I need in that particular moment. Strange enough what they tell me I already knew (don’t you love that!), but never the less, they hold a mirror in front of me and make sure that I stay grounded and I stay in my flow of pureness.

Its kind of insane when you think about it, that others can totally bring you down. Please never hold this against the other person. They don’t know that they’re doing it, they totally believe that they have your best interest at heart and need to save you from some kind of big bad wolf. I like to see it as a two way mirror, the other person is in need of help, doesn’t know that he or she is, so thats step number one. You see the other person is hurting and is projecting their feelings on you, because they feel you need saving or you need a new insight in a certain situations. Step two is to not let it get to you too much, it nearly did this morning, but after my beautiful tribe told me what I already knew it gave me more clarity. Just let the other person gently and kindly know everything is okay, you don’t need that super special amazing advice they have for you. And just let go…….

So I meditated after this and visualized myself in a beautiful white light and letting go of the negative people.
Negativity is so toxic, Ive been brought up in a very negative environment, and up until this day I sometimes find myself thinking in phrases my parents would have said. That really hits me hard, its confronting me with something I want no part of. But just by recognizing this you take the first step, and second letting go of it, because its not yours to keep, in my case, its my parents words and believes not mine. But my mind still had those words stashed somewhere in my brain and every now and then they love to pop up!

So I’ll leave you now with these few first en second steps, hope you will have an amazing day.
And if negativity or depressed feelings are coming your way, just sit still, in this moment take a few deep breaths, tell yourself you are doing amazing, you are beautiful you are loved, and than gently let go.


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