Perfection does that make life perfect?

#whatsyourmindset 😉

I dont know if I should call myself a perfectionist, I would say I can be an over thinker. My brain can go on and on If I don’t tell it to stop. Now I’m much better in making my mind shutdown, but a few years ago it wasn’t surprising if my mind would keep me awake at night.

Being a perfectionist can make this even worse. You might know someone who is an absolute perfectionist, or maybe you are one! But what does perfection truly bring you, does making everything look or feel like its perfect, let you live a perfect life? Because, what is perfection. I would say perfection is having a particular view on something and making sure it turns out just the way you think that view should be.

So painting a wall the perfect blue colour, there are so freaking many colors of blue, my god, as a perfectionist where do you even start. Do you enter a DIY store and spend the entire afternoon staring at all the blueish colour samples. You than finally leave the store with probably 150 different samples of blue. Im imagining that choosing the right blue colour proces is going to take days so not weeks. Am I wright? Or you always want your house to be on point, your cleaning like you have OCD, kids can’t eat on the couch, you never have a piece of clothing in the laundry basket. All day long you are thinking about whats next on your list to making sure everything is ‘perfect’.

Have you ever considered what this does for your. How are you feeling right now, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed? Do you ever, ever take the time to just sit, let it all go, get in the moment and be present?

Do you want that, would you love to be a more relaxed person, who can leave the dirty towels in the laundry basket, who can make a cup of coffee and sit down with that cup, just closing your eyes and sipping no thoughts wondering around in your mind about those towels……

It starts with babysteps, and thats the beauty of rearranging your mindset. Thats how I call it, the rearranging of your brain. Letting go of old beliefs, making room for new ones. I bet you’re wondering sometimes, questioning yourself, is this it, is this my life, am I really going to live it like this? I don’t want to be this tired all of the time.

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Whats perfect


  • Angela Taylor

    The word perfection has always made me think. There are so many things about my life that I saw as imperfection when I was younger. Today, even though I DO believe there is beauty in imperfection, I tend to forget that when it comes to myself. When it comes to others, I see the strength in pushing forward. That creates perfection in my eyes. Something that I once really hated about myself, I absolutely love today. I love that I can push forward that is. That to me IS the definition of perfection. I actually never thought that was possible. The thing is what is the definition of perfection to each of us? If others opinions shouldn’t rule our lives. Why should the definitions they have define us? Anyway, thanks for making me think.

    • Nicole Heinen

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I totally recognize what you say about the younger you, when I was younger I used to look at someone else’s life and thought that he or she had it so much more figured out than me. Better house, better job, nicer furniture, prettier and so on. I don’t know if pushing forward is something that I would call perfection, but it is a really strong quality in a person.
      Isn’t it amazing how we grow, how you now love something about yourself that you used tot totally not like. Im always amazed by that process, it makes life that much more inspiring to me. We all go through drama, difficulties and pain, but in the end and over time, there comes clarity and new insights. That can totally transform the way you look at things.

      Have a great day,

      Love, namaste, Nicole

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