You are already whole

When I finished Day 5 of The Power of Attraction, the meditations sessions by Deepak and Oprah, the words of Deepak sat with  me for a while. I listened to it again and even wrote down every single word he said. His first sentence is ‘ We have a desire because we feel a lack, just as hunger makes you eat when your stomach is empty, there is a sense of need behind every desire’.
So just let that sink in for a while, and I repeated it out loud, I have a desire because I feel a lack. Can you feel these words just like me? I think they are amazing!!

Deepak says: ‘ Need is double edged, if it’s part of growing expanding and evolving, need is good‘. He goes on saying that everyone benefits from the need to explore who they are, too find more love, to reach for the highest. But the other side he says is, that need also can give you the feeling of not being good enough, you need more things, more food, more money, more distractions, because otherwise you feel empty.

I think he hits need right in the core. I for myself can relate to this very much, for a very long time in my life I’ve not felt good enough, always trying to make others happy never taking care of my needs. So I tried to fulfill those needs, those feelings, with food and buying random things I thought I needed. Which created problems with my self image because of my bodyweight and problems within my bank account.

But what can you do to end those feelings of emptiness, to feel whole, to be your true self, cause after all that is your birth right. You are already whole, you are already beautiful, you are here for a reason. It comes down to energy, the way you see your self, talk to yourself, talk to another person, its all energy. The solution lies in your words, you’ve got to change that energy!
Change the energy of attraction, If the words you use are low and negative thats the wrong type of energy. What you need to do is lift yourself up, lift eachother up, and thats when energy will show its  magic. Thats where transformation will start. Make the energy of attraction work for you!

I encourage you to change your energy, change it into the most uplifting energy possible!! Tell yourself each day when you look into the mirror that you are beautiful, that you are enough, that you are whole. If you’ll repeat this everyday, in time you will feel a shift in energy and you will see that positive things are coming your way. Take a honest look at who you are, how you talk to your self and others and change that energy.

The world is yours, the possibilities are already there you just got to make the universe point them in your direction, just be your true self.



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